What To Do About Your TV

Here are some ways to prevent your television from taking over the room!

Design Challenge: How do I get my new wide screen TV to fit inside of my entertainment center or storage unit?

Solution: As long as your existing area is large enough for the new TV, fill in the gaps with black glass.  While black may not seem the first choice, as long as your TV is black, it’s a tried and true designer secret!  Your eye will associate the glass as part of the TV and viola!  You now have a custom-fit.

Just make sure the back of the unit has enough air circulation and we’ll take care of the rest.  Our installers are experienced in carpentry and will properly support the glass and provide means to remove the glass for future access.


Design Challenge: I’d like to set my TV into the wall, so I don’t see wires or cables.

Solution:  We had the same idea for our showroom television.  We wanted to create a large focal point where we could set a piece of furniture below it.  Here’s what we came up with.  First, we opened the wall and constructed the TV niche and two side niches for glass shelves and lighting.  Our electrician wired in two lights, an electrical outlet and ran A/V cables through the wall to an accessible place. After, we properly insulated and closed up the area with sheetrock and plywood.  Next, we added a large, hand-painted frame and painted the inside of the TV niche black, to compensate for gaps (for air circulation).  The final stage was adding custom cut mirror inside the frame and side niches, installing the shelves and mini-spot lights.

Sound complicated?  Don’t worry, if you’d like to create this look, we’ll manage the entire process.


Call GlassWorks of Summit today to discuss ways to make your big black screen a thing of the past!  (908) 277-4242


Antique Mirror — 10 Ways to Improve with Age!

What becomes better despite a little aging?  Good wine, collectibles, and mirror!

What is antique mirror, exactly?  While the most prized can be salvaged, hand-mercerized glass, we typically use new glass that undergoes an antiquing process.  The benefits of buying new are cost, consistency, size and durability.  GlassWorks of Summit carries a large range of patterns and colors of antique glass so you can turn down or turn up the intensity of veining and spotting.  Stop by our showroom to see our full collection.

Antique mirror is the hottest trend right now and we’re giving you 10 ways designers are using it everywhere!

  • A mirrored alcove or niche can be a fantastic backdrop for a special piece of furniture or display vignette.
  • Tie eclectic furnishings together by introducing antique mirrored to cabinet doors, table tops, drawer panels, etc.
  • Visually expand narrow corridors, powder rooms or foyers.
  • Add to butler’s pantry or bar backsplashes.  It’s a quick and high-impact facelift!
  • If clear mirror is coming off as “too bright” or “too modern”, warm it up with antiqued mirror.
  • Subtly layer textures and depth- Antique mirror offers a glowing warm ambiance.
  • Bevel edges of antique mirror for an added layer of reflection.
  • Antique mirror can make up for lack of natural light.
  • Give a room a sense of nostalgia and quickly give an old-world European feeling.
  • Add drama!  Mirror an awkward space that would otherwise go lacking.


Ask Susie What’s New — Summer 2012

Office Manager, Susan Cirelli is interviewed about the latest goings-on.

 Q. If you had to pick one item for this summer’s trend, what would it be?

Susie Says: In just a matter of a few weeks, we’ve received a ton of calls about antique mirror.  Here are a some interesting requests from that time:

  • A company we work with in NY asked for a custom hand-made antique mirror for an entire wall of a dining room.
  • An antique mirror back-splash for bar area.  I love that idea because it is such a quick and simple makeover that adds so much character!
  • A designer in Morristown, NJ had us install antique mirror to two very old round factory windows.
  • I am currently pricing out two walls in a living room with rectangular-cut antique mirrors for a patterned look- maybe with some rosettes set in between.

We’ve added a page to our blog about antique mirror.  Click here to jump to article: Antique Mirror- 10 Ways to Improve with Age!

Q. Does summer time present any unique requests in the mirror & glass business?

Susie Says:  Actually, yes.  Summertime means an increase of service calls for window and outdoor light repairs from stray baseballs, golf balls…you name it.  I might mention GlassWorks of Summit is one of the only glass companies in this region who go to the extent of having a full carpentry shop, with the ability to perform full window replacements.  Our installers are skilled in construction too, so there is usually no need to hire a separate carpenter which wastes your time and money coordinating two trades for one home repair.

Of course, we’re always repairing glass and mirror.  The most common calls are for broken framed mirrors, cracked or chipped glass shelves and table tops.

Q.  Anything new in the showroom?

Susie Says:  Yes, we’re anticipating a new sample piece of curved glass to display in our showroom.  Curved glass is used in historical window restoration, walk-in showers, railings, commercial displays…it’s so versatile and it is possible to incorporate curves into your projects.  We hope our customers will be inspired and can’t wait to see the designs they come up with!

Like what you’re reading?  Stay up-to-date by subscribing to our newsletter, liking us on Facebook or following us on Twitter!  To subscribe to our seasonal newsletter, email Susan at: susan@glassworksofsummit.com  Thanks for supporting an owned and operated Summit NJ business!



Our Unique Edge on the Competition…

From Grandfather Clocks to Picture Windows, we have a complete workshop geared toward carpentry & unique repair services.

Hands down, GlassWorks of Summit’s skilled team is unparalleled in custom installation, repairs and glass and mirror projects involving custom carpentry.  Our workshop is unlike any glass workshop we’ve ever come across, complete with the machinery, tools and know-how to successfully complete even the most challenging design.

Each of our installers is specially trained and experienced in quality construction methods for a broad range of projects, large and small, including:


  • Window, Skylight & Door Installation

    Complete Installations of Gliding Doors

  • Specialized Repairs, Hardware and Parts
  • Trim & Moulding Surrounds
  • Custom Mirror Framing
  • Custom Lighting Solutions
  • Leading & Re-Glazing
  • Surface Protection & Polishing

Trust GlassWorks of Summit for all your specialty projects.  We take special pride in our precise and high-quality work…it’s what we do best.

Call us at 908-277-4242 to discuss your custom project, or email us at info@glassworksofsummit.com .

Inset Tile & Lighting in Mirror

Custom Black Glass Television Surround

Antique Mirrored Walls Set in Custom Trim Work

Mirror Set in Tiled Framing


Gliding Into Something More Comfortable.

State of the art hardware makes gliding doors a practical choice…Not to mention a fantastic idea!

Hydro Slide Hardware

Lack of precision and cheap hardware have always been the downside of gliding, sliding and pocket doors.  But, not any more!  We’ve worked hard to research, test and successfully install a number of hardware options to safely and effortlessly slide even the largest glass panels.

And, say goodbye to clunky tracks.  Our Hydro-Slide and Roll Glass hardware options are among our customer’s favorites for shower doors and tubs.  Tired of cleaning or sitting on a bathtub door track?  We can eliminate it!  As all of our products, metal options  include brass, chrome, brushed nickel and oil-rubbed bronze.  For a minimal effect with interior sliding and pocket doors, we can completely recess certain door tracks into the floor and ceiling.

Klein Roll Glass Hardware

Door hardware options have never been as terrific as they are now!  There’s no need to feel limited in your options and we’ll help guide you every step of the way.



3-Form Custom Resin Panels

And, don’t forget the glass options!  We carry hundreds of stock items, including frosted, patterned, colored and textured glass.  Mirrored options are quite numerous, including antiqued and tinted varieties.  Custom options include our favorite brand of designer resin products by 3-Form, custom etched and sandblasted glass, and custom leaded or stained glass.

So, toss out that old sliding door stigma and say hello to the new family of GlassWorks Quality Gliding Door Systems- Precise & Effortless!

To discuss the options for your project, please call 908-277-4242 or email us at info@glassworksofsummit.com .




Let the Sun Shine In!

GlassWorks of Summit offers a wide range of custom-sized replacement windows, doors & skylights for every opening, price point & preference.  Our goal is a faster, less-disruptive installation without compromising quality or customer service.  Call us today for a free estimate!


Traditional-styled homes will typically have double-hung windows with divided lights (aka grilles or mullions).  You have a choice of divided lights on the top and bottom sash, or the top only.


More contemporary homes forgo the mullions completely and usually feature large casement & picture windows.

For added charm to Tudor-styled homes, consider diamond shaped divisions.  Palladian windows are perfect for high, gable-pitched walls.

Transom-positioned windows (rectangular, round or elliptical) are windows placed close to the ceiling and work very well to let natural light flood in while offering privacy (such as in a bathroom, mudroom or bedroom).  Transom windows also allow for ample wall space to place furniture or pictures below.

Don’t forget about expressing your creative side—stained glass or cut-glass accent windows are a great choice near a front door, side entrance, kitchen or powder room.


A very popular choice is an exterior window frame clad in vinyl for easy maintenance.  If you’d like the best of both worlds, preferring the interior frames stained or painted, factories also offer this option.

SDL’s (Simulated Divided Lights) with Grills-Between-Glass are a great choice for easy cleaning, inside and out.

In addition, Removable, or Snap-in Grilles also allow for easy painting.  “Tilt-ins” allow for both sides of the windows to be cleaned from the inside of your home.  (Whereas, casement windows have limited options for this convenience.)

And don’t forget about the screens—most manufacturers offer visibility options, offering superior clarity.


We’ll send one of our sales pro’s to your home to measure, discuss the options and drop off samples.   We’ll guide you every step of the way, from initial designs to professional installation.



Color Trends for 2012

Kitchen & Bath Business magazine announces “Bold & Vibrant” and “Complex Neutrals” are this year’s color buzz-words.

Bold & Vibrant

Color Theory:  As we become complacent with economic downturn, we tend to become conditioned and think more optimistically.  This leads to a gust of self-expression and urges to charge up old dusty color pallets.


Pantone’s Color of 2012, Tangerine Tango

“Sophisticated but at the same time dramatic and seductive, Tangerine Tango is an orange with a lot of depth to it,” said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute®. “Reminiscent of the radiant shadings of a sunset, Tangerine Tango marries the vivaciousness and adrenaline rush of red with the friendliness and warmth of yellow, to form a high-visibility, magnetic hue that emanates heat and energy.” –  www.pantone.com


DreamWalls Color Glass, Opaque Ruby Red & Bright Blue

Clashing color blocking makes a statement this year.  GlassWorks carries DreamWalls full line of stock colors.  We also custom create any color under the sun.  The perfect choice for wide swaths of opaque color.  See our blog on DreamWalls for more ideas.  — www.dreamwallscolorglass.com


3-Form Varia Ecoresin, Translucent Custom Color

Saturated oranges and purples appeal to the younger crowd, who have been accustomed to lit-up colors on the computer (and iPhone) screens.  GlassWorks offers a full variety of 3-Form brand material.  3-Form manufactures a comprehensive line of resin panels and is particularly known for embedding objects, fibers and natural materials that are ideal for back-lighting.  –  www.3-Form.com

DreamWalls Color Glass, Opaque Custom Yellow

From “schoolbus” to “lemonhead”,  bright yellow sings out cheer and vibrance.  This sometimes juvenile color has begun to take on a grown-up, optimistic feeling for any age who needs a little “visual refreshment”.  GlassWorks of Summit can custom create any sun-shiney hue that brightens your day.  Consider DreamWalls glass for an opaque surface that won’t get washed out.    See our blog on DreamWalls for more ideas.  — www.dreamwallscolorglass.com





3-Form Ridge Panels, Translucent Custom Color

This blue won’t give you the blues– backlit or standing on its own, this resin panel’s dynamic texture is a wave of refreshment.  A great choice for the pool-side, marine inspired bathrooms or an instant way to liven up a room with dim lighting.   GlassWorks can help you select a wide variety of textured resins for your home or business.   — www.3-Form.com

Complex Neutrals

Color Theory:  Society is searching for a sense of equilibrium.  Part of this trend is to come back to our roots, with familiar nostalgic tones that are clear, sober and environmentally friendly.  The “complexity” comes in with the introduction of orange, blue or green hues added to the tired schemes of taupe, grey and white families.


Color Marketing Group (CMG) “Next Color”, Boyznberry

“Where some colors easily clash with their surroundings, here is a color that is
lush enough to bring out the creativity of designers everywhere. Imagine the
sophistication that comes with a pearl grey or white pairing. Imagine the fun
that comes to mind when it is combined with a clear lime green.” — CMG  www.colormarketing.org


3-Form Varia Ecoresin Connection, Translucent Custom Color

Seen at left, a mature smoky blue is a perfect “complex neutral” that will lend itself to a range of pallets.  This 3-Form panel has free-form strip material embedded inside.  The beauty of resin panels is its endless ability to adapt color, translucency, texture and pattern.   GlassWorks can help you select a wide variety of panels for your home or business.   –   3-Form.com



DreamWalls Color Glass, Opaque Spice & Sand

Warm tinges of brown and orange give a modern, yet familiarly comforting accent to a white subway-tiled bathroom.  Full glass panels are terrific for easy clean-up, simple, uncluttered lines and light reflection.   See our blog on DreamWalls for more ideas.  –  www.dreamwallscolorglass.com


Frosted Glass with Tinting, Smoke

A frosty smoked glass desktop is a soothing backdrop for tired eyes in the office.  With the invent of fluorescent lights, an average grey can reflect cooler blue to purple tones, a perfect canvas for a “complex neutral”.  Don’t forget how painted walls can effect a neutral shade as well.  Polished glass, as well can add reflection of surrounding colors and turn an otherwise neutral into a interesting accent tone.







GlassWorks Welcomes Nancy Kornbluh!

We’d like to announce our newest sales-team member, Nancy Kornbluh!  In addition to her impressive sales/marketing background, Nancy’s creative and detail-oriented design sense is a great one-two combination for GlassWorks.  Nancy can be found personally visiting our residential and commercial clients, ensuring strong customer relations & satisfaction.  We enjoy her energetic demeanor and are sure she’ll greatly contribute to the rising success of our business!

To learn about each member of our GlassWorks team, click here.


Expecting Company? Introducing the GlassWorks 1-2-3 Make-Over!

Just about this time of year we start getting the panicky phone calls - “The family is coming and I need help. Quick!” 

Introducing the GlassWorks 1-2-3 Guest Bath Make-Over:


1.  UPDATE THE MIRROR.  With so many varieties of frames & mirror styles, get a little creative…

Antique mirror and gilt frames add instant warmth and a surprise touch of elegance. Tell your guests they're special.

For an upscale, classical look, we’re excited about our Biltmore line of frames, by Larson-Juhl.  The frames surrounding two Renoir’s at the Biltmore Estate became the springboard for the collection of six profiles, all of which have both rich detail and the patina of age.

You’ll find a large assortment of frames & mirrors to suit any style in our GlassWorks of Summit showroom.  We also have a great team of craftspeople to bring your unique designs to life.  Recent projects include:  Mosaic Tile Surrounds, Hand-Painted/Distressed Effects, Old Window & Door Frames.

2.  CHANGE YOUR SHOWER DOOR.  (Leave the frames for the mirror.)

Both practical and visually unobtrusive, frameless shower doors and panels are the way to go.  Quality hardware and a professional installation usually mean the old-fashioned framed shower doors and tracks are a thing of the past.  When calcium and lime deposits have gunked up the track beyond hope, odds are, the glass doors have become hazy and filmy, too.

What a transformation a clear, bright and easy-gliding shower door can create!  To top it off, add a towel bar or designer door handle.  We’ll walk you through the options.

3.  REPLACE OLD SOAP CADDY WITH NEW CORNER SHELVES.  Bet you didn’t realize how awful your old ones have become!

GlassWorks of Summit carries a variety of glass & wire corner shelves for inside the shower, in chrome, brass, brushed/satin nickel, and oil-rubbed bronze finish options.  Modern plating techniques prevent premature aging.  We carefully screw the new baskets in the corner of your shower, eliminating those clumsy caddies that hang from your shower head.  Most families find two 10″ shelves for bottles and a smaller soap basket just right.  Glass corner shelves offer a less-obtrusive look and are a breeze to clean.

Call us today and we’ll supply and install two glass corner shelves in your shower or tub for FREE!  (908) 277-4242


Dream Walls Color Glass

We are always excited when we can get a little creative!

For Amazing Results Every Time — DreamWalls Color Glass

Dreamwalls Color Glass is manufactured using a proprietary paint technology developed specifically for superior adhesion to glass.  It all starts with using Starphire Ultra-Clear brand glass, for undistorted color, with no blue or green tinge.  The result is a completely opaque, glossy and vibrant product.

There are currently 12 stock colors of annealed Dreamwalls Color Glass.  The stock colors range from primary tones, to popular subtle tones, such as linen.  However, the possibilities are limitless, due to their computerized matching system that allows for any custom color of your choice.

The largest sheet size capability is 96 in. x 144 in, with thicknesses of 1/4 in. up to 3/4 in.  Glass panels can be cut to any shape as traditional glass would be, with drilled holes and cut-outs available.  Tempering & lamination is also offered.

Stop into our showroom to see available colors.  If you can imagine it, we can design it!


Ideal for Commercial &
Residential Spaces:
• Shower/bath walls
• Dry-erase boards
• Wall installations
• Cabinet doors
• Elevator walls
• Counter tops
• Backsplashes
• Closet doors
• Headboards
• Table tops
• Partitions
• Signs

• Hygienic & easy to clean
• Limitless color choices
• Reflective properties
• Ease of installation
• Moisture resistant
• Vibrant color
• Durability

To view a video of recent projects, visit:   http://www.dreamwallscolorglass.com/movie.html

Click here to contact us about this product.

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